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Obi-Wan: Rise of a Jedi Master - Part 1-2-3-4
[ · Скачать удаленно () ] 09.01.2008, 18:48
The biggest Jedi Academy mod is finally here! Yahoo- here's the readme description:

Obi-Wan: Rise of a Jedi Master Serenity mod exe is about 1 gig, it's so big because it has base file assets 4 required to run the mod

1. Install mod into an UNMODIFIED Jedi Academy or it will crash

2. Load mod from mods menu

3. Start each level from saved games as you would with a own saved game

I haven't finished mod and I'm still trying to figure out scripting files the mod does have some small errors


1. New saber system similar to Movie Battles with manual block

2. New effects

3. new sounds

4. Approximately 30 new levels in this version

Please be aware I did not make any of the maps models or mods I just put them together.

I except no credit for this mod and do not wish to get sued for copyright laws

bind F1 "playermodel yodavm"

bind F2 "playermodel luke"

bind F3 "playermodel vadervm"

bind F4 "playermodel tex_quigon"

bind f5 "playermodel ki-adi mundi"

bind f6 "playermodel ben-kenobi"

bind f7 "playermodel Anakin Battle"

bind f8 "playermodel chewie"

bind f9 "maul"

bind F11 "load quick"

bind F12 "save quick"

bind n "in game camera view"

bind 3 "ingame charachtermenu"

bind 4 "accept new charachter"

bind 5 "playermodel jango_fett"

bind 6 "playermodel boba-fett"

bind 7 "playermodel Lord sidious"

bind 8 "playermodel General windu"

Also use correct player for correct level example Obi-Wan for Duel of the Fates or the enemy bots will not react correctly example play Duel of the Fates as Maul and they will all want to be your friends and just follow you

If you know the films then you will know what to do on each level

However if you have any problems then free to contact me on this site.

Remember this is a beta mod and not perfect and its my first attempt at modding so take that in mind when playing

If you have any suggestions or ideas I would be glad of any help

Thanks for your interest
Download here!

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