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The-Lion's modpacks
[ ] 10.07.2008, 17:08
I've made four modification packs:

Download links:
leonsextracharacters.pk3 V2


Changed models:
Adi Galia
Anakin Ep II & III
Aurra Sing
All Sidious modles except Emperor
Jabba the Hutt icon
Imperial officers
Kyle Katarn
All Luke Skywalker Ep VI
Luke Sywalker Bespin
Unrobed Maul
Aayla Secura
Mace Windu
Qui-Gon Jinn face
Obi-Wan Episode II
Padmé Episode III
Rosh Penin (Changed in Vader Secret Apprentice)*
Shaak Ti
Darth Vader
Ben Kenobi

* Requires Weaponpack!


Some various Expanded Univers models
Darth Bane
New Exar Kun
Ulic Qel-Droma
Darth krayt


Various Knights of the Old Republic Models


New icons for all weapons.
New movie based weapons.

Some screenshots:
New Anakin model

New Darth Vader models

New Aurra Sing Model

New Luke Bespin Model

New Luke RotJ Model

New Aayla Secura Model

New Mace Windu Model
Категория: Мои файлы | Добавил: The-Lion | Автор: Leon Verschuren
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Всего комментариев: 4
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4 serenity937  
im having trouble downloading can you post on filefront smile

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3 Brachial  
This pack is realy nice. I love the New Models!

But there is one think i don`t like. The Darth Revan Model from the kotorpack.pk3. The Cape looks bad! Could you fix that animations? Like the one on Darth Vader?

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2 The-Lion  
I've made my mod so that they replace the original skins that Tim put in. Try to use in KotF, on my PC it works in both KotF and The Jedi Trials

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1 frost  
I put this file in base of jedi trials,but i didnt get all this skins...Anyway,skins are excellent.My favorite is unrobed maul and anakin with burned head.

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