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Obi-Wan: Rise of a Jedi Master - Patch 1
[ Download the file (1.19 Mb) · Скачать удаленно () ] 05.02.2008, 17:22
Obi-wan Rise of a Jedi Master patch 1


Game crashes on EPIII academy level (fixed)

Sabersystem speed slightly increased, hit enemy in face with saber hilt move now added, saber throw available on some sabers??

Blood now squirts from cuts and wounds (horror....mmmwwwhhhaaaaaaaahhahahahaha)

Electricity removed from Count Dooku in EPIII as he doesn't use it in the film

Some issues with levels fixed in EPIII

Please be aware this is a massive conversion with thousands of new files (have a look if you don't believe me) and there are always going to be some small errors, but I will try to update and repair as necessary
Download here!

Категория: Мои файлы | Добавил: serenity937
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9 Пертузин  
спс. давно искал

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8 Марьяна  

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7 Диско  

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6 Babuka  
спс =)

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5 ruben  
I need help q wave result set the patch need to play but I was not unloading with the torrent there is another way to download the patch? for example by direct download?

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4 frost  

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3 markus  

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2 Someone  
C'mon pls someone seed!

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1 Grievous  

I have a question on this patch, because the torrent file file isn't working (always 0,0 &). May you upload another file for the patch?
Why do you upload any files on torrent, aren't You able to use Rapidshare or something like that, because I have a very slow bandwith...?
Thanks for your help.

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