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Самый большой мод для Jedi Academy! Приветствую Вас Galaxy visitor | RSS
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The Jedi Trials
[ ] 12.06.2008, 17:44
Not only Serenity has made a great mod of his own, he also made a massive update on Günyan's KotF (The 1 part one). Basically, it includes almost all the popular mods of filefront, joined, Mainly the greatest TC mods and the others (Apart from HUD) and all compatible with KotF!
So, now u can play such mods as Darkside, Survival mod, Nina's mod, Darth Maul's stories, Dark Forces and all others- and at same time have the KotF menus, changing character at any (!!!!!) Time, weapons, npc spawn and all KotF maps- menus included.
So, There you go
The torrent file to download this beauty to your PC.
Oh yeah- the Dark Side is that very version of Jedi Academy.
PS. And YES, it DOES have Jedi Outcast missions in it!
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