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Do you Want episode 3.5 "Galaxy in Darkness"?
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Serenity has made another release- Jedi Trials, soon it will be followed by the Galaxy in Darkness and by the Ultimate union of KotF and Serenity's mod. (Lol, but true)
For now, the population of the website is 23 Jedi, who are all waiting for the mega-star-wars game that will be released as a mod for Jedi Academy. Btw, Serenity, we are counting on you- you've done great so far!
PS. Sorry guys, couldn't post a picture- there I S N ' T one.
Views: 634 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 28.04.2008 | Comments (2)

Yes-yes, now there are 20 (!!!!!!) of us who are browsing the forum and the files, and playing the game of our and YOUR dreams- the Best-ever mod for Jedi Academy, Rise of a Jedi master.
What are YOU waiting for? Push the Registration button NOW, and join us, to discuss on forums and play the greatest mod with us. we want YOU to join!
Views: 663 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 09.04.2008 | Comments (2)

This mod will give extra, better effects of weapons, sabersystem, sounds.
warning: This mod renders multiplayer unworkable, delete mod to play multiplayer.

Where you a bit disappointed with KotF?
The standard sabersystem, effects, etc.
Only 7 playable levels from the Star Wars saga, other than that a base game with no extra features
Except the new menu system

Press the use button to saberblock


Views: 775 | Added by: serenity937 | Date: 12.03.2008 | Comments (1)

While Lucasarts are working on so-called "wonderful" console game Force Unleashed......... PC Gamers are getting mooore and more INDIGNANT- IT'S NOT COMING OUT ON PC!!!!!!! Wait a second, is it?

The serenity mod already included episode 3.5 as a demo, so is that possible to play as Vader's Apprentice on PC now? YES!!!!!! Keep an eye on the forum!
Views: 619 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 26.02.2008 | Comments (0)

Obi-wan Rise of a Jedi Master patch 1


Game crashes on EPIII academy level (fixed)

Sabersystem speed slightly increased, hit enemy in face with saber hilt move now added, saber throw available on some sabers??

Blood now squirts from cuts and wounds (horror....mmmwwwhhhaaaaaaaahhahahahaha)

Electricity removed from Count Dooku in EPIII as he doesn't use it in the film

Some issues with levels fixed in EPIII

Please be aware this is a massive conversion with thousands of new files (have a look if you don't believe me) and there are always going to be some small errors, but I will try to update and repair as necessary
Available in files section

Views: 603 | Added by: serenity937 | Date: 05.02.2008 | Comments (0)

Hooray, as I promised, I now found a special program for video making that is registered, it is here, on our website, waiting to be downloaded From files section. Already registered!
Views: 574 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 03.02.2008 | Comments (0)

The earlier torrent has been removed it was originally just there for the seeding team.
So I think here is what you're been looking for:
Views: 612 | Added by: serenity937 | Date: 29.01.2008 | Comments (0)

FINALLY, YOUR DREAM HAS BECOME TRUE! The 2nd part of the biggest mod for JEDI ACADEMY is HERE!!!!!! You can find a download link in Files section, again, obviously, for free. If you have any problems, then you can find a download link HERE too.
Views: 604 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 29.01.2008 | Comments (0)

As I've looked at statistics of our website, I found out that in the last 2-3 days we got; 4 new members who joined our community.... Here they are.
Farnsworth, auris, overcrash, nenio. A biiiig warm welcome to all those who joined AND to anyone, who would like to join us later...... All new comers, please create new threads in the welcome section, tell us about yourself......In one word, welcome to our JA Mod Community!
Views: 599 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 29.01.2008 | Comments (0)

Due to some Disrespectful messages, posted on filefront, relating to The Biggest JEDI ACADEMY MOD (AKA Serenity's mod, or Rise of a jedi master), We are left with no choice but start war with filefront. Special programmes for IP changing will be provided shortly.
FLOOD, ATTACK, KILL FILEFRONT! We want YOU to participate in attack!
Views: 741 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 28.01.2008 | Comments (0)

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