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The second part of the mod has finally arrived, it is "The Skywalker Legacy", our seeding team is getting ready to seed it for everyone else...... Right NOW it's not for everyone's use, but roughly in a week or so it will be available on our website in files area.
Nooow, get ready for it........

It is here, and in a week you are getting your dream!
Views: 702 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 26.01.2008 | Comments (1)

Today I felt a disturbance in the Force, I think the forum started dripping into the Dark Side a little bit, the buttons have changed appearance. The Sith Presents can be felt......Do YOU know, or sense anything?
Views: 575 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 21.01.2008 | Comments (0)

MASTER SERENITY has finally returned from the Dant.... Eeer, i mean from holidays, and is now on this forum, which is why i would like to declare website's creation compelete...... Well, almost, there are still some "weird" bits...... You know, russian ones, but if u don't understand something, just ask on the forum and we'll explain to you.
Views: 575 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 17.01.2008 | Comments (1)

Ok, this is our website, Welcome to everyone! This website is about the Jedi Academy's biggest Mod, Some people call it KotF serenity mod, but it's more popular under the name Rise of the Jedi master. If you want to know more, please Visit the "About" section, and FAQ page.
Views: 585 | Added by: Bliznez | Date: 14.01.2008 | Comments (0)

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