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Serenity's Message
Hi everyone,
Over the last few weeks I've been concentrating on making the OJP sabersystem work in single and multiplayer, also I've released a few effect updates for KotF and secretly released The Jedi Trials a 120 level Jedi Academy mod with EVERY mod inserted in it like Nina mod, Jedi Outcast is also there, The Survival Mod, and many more all with the KotF menu system and OJP sabersystem, this mod was not made available to the public as it was released to a few of the moderators of this site and was basically a test release for the new animations and sabersystem and effects which i will be using for Galaxy in Darkness (G.I.D), however this mod can be made available by request on this site, just ask and provide your email address and me or catchy, or bliznez will send you the torrent. Galaxy in Darkness, The Clone Wars and a secret mod which I've been working on will all be available about the same time as The force unleashed is released to playstation users but not PC users. So to compensate I will release all three about the same time, the secret mod I can now reveal will be called....The Way of the Samurai...set in the 14century you will play as a young samurai, basic story will be to ultimately rescue the princess and protect the emperor of china from ninjas, monsters, etc (still in concept phase).
I will release this mod in 2 possible parts. Part 1, will be the big mod with every thing in it, G.I.D, The Clone Wars, The Way of the Samurai, AND every other mod available ie, Deception, KotF, Outcast and it will be one massive mission of about 150+ levels with all the new effects animations and sabersystem. This will be known as Serenity Ultimate.
or as a smaller version without Outcast and all the other mods, only KotF menu system, G.I.D, The Clone Wars and The Way of the Samurai.


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