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Главная » 2008 » September » 15 » Triple Announcement
Triple Announcement
Firstly- The mod WILL be released, although Serenity does have some problems, he still continues to work on the mod......
There is no deffinite date, but it is planned to be released by the end of OCTOBER (Or even earlier).    
The second Announcement- The KotF Forum (NOT the website) had a great crash- 2 Administrators and a couple of moderators have left it, due to Social conflict with so-called Forum Administrator Tim (NOT Osman ben laden!).
If there are any people, joining our website and/or forums, could i request that you give them a good warm welcome, as to any new members.
And, finally, Our website is....... Moving!
Very soon, we will have to leave this website and re-register in a new one (The URL will be given shortly after beta- testing is finished).
There is lots (!!!!!) of new stuff on there, including:
-Improved security;
-Ability to add YouTube movies directly;
-No More Russian-or-God-knows-what-language (100% in english). As requested by many users, special thanx to The-Lion for encouraging;
-All the features from this website;
-A Guest book will be availiable;
-A mini web-site catalogue about Star Wars and Jedi academy (New, coming soon!);
-Other goodies, making life on website easier.
For now, lets wait for the mod, and slowly say "Goodbye" to this website!

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1 Pavel  
что же вы все на английском да англицком??? ну не все же такие умные!

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