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First, Anakin is promoted to full moderator and I'm promoted to Admin. Before the promotions, Anakin was a Trial Moderator and I was a Moderator.

So the admins of the site are now: Serenity, Bliznez and The-Lion.
!'m finished with uploading The Jedi Trials to Rapidshare. So everybody can download it without someone has to seed it with the horrible torrents! You can expect Serenity's KotF FX mods on Rapidshare soon! Also Bliznez has finished his mod. You can also find this file in the filessection soon!

New in the files section:
The-Lion's modpacks.
Contains: modelpack, extracharacters, weaponpack and kotorpack!
Serenity's FX mods
Contains: New effects, sounds etc. for KotF
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да серьезные черти и сайт тоже у них серьезный!

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